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A model where information is the hub. This is where the digital transformation is heading to. To add real value, though, data must be standardized and formalized and become the core of a univocal view across different corporate functions. If you think this requires implementing expensive ‘big bang’ projects, think again. Parallaksis is a software development company that was born to make Information Lifecycle Management accessible, thanks to a platform that reaches beyond the limits of traditional PLM systems: Collaboration Desktop is a framework supporting next-generation process management features through collaborative solutions.

Flexible, scalable, customized. The most effective solution for your company. Would you like to know how?

All information is important.

With ILM Framework, you can manage any piece of information in your management software in a univocal and centralized manner.

Information is in your hands

The Collaboration Desktop platform places collaboration between functions at the core of processes. It integrates one or more easy-to-start modules with customized configurations, plus third-party solutions. We also offer you a comprehensive application and integration suite, in a portfolio customizable for companies of any size.

An immediate and intuitive platform where you’ll be able to further customize your information management flows –from your providers to customer feedback. All you should do is describe the processes and data involved to us: while you focus on your business objectives, we take care of all the rest with our framework.

Would you like to know more about Collaboration Desktop and its technical characteristics?

Collaboration Desktop connects people, processes and data to create an ecosystem that turns information into value, aiming at your business goals.

Cutting-edge industries are our focus

We’re a proudly Italian company and we focus on state-of-the-art sectors. Thanks to our partnerships with major players, investing to develop collaborative modules based on our platform, we propose effective, customized solutions for industries ranging from Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Transport or Electronics to Food & Beverage and Life Science, up to Naval or Plant, Engineering & Construction.







How do you expect a team focusing on PLM to be? Practical technologists, probably. Yet we didn’t stop there. We chose to surround us with people who were also brilliant, entertaining, optimistic, with the ambition of making this world a better place (did we mention we’re very modest, too?).

Thanks to people like that we were able to turn the Information Lifecycle Management world upside down with an unprecedented, flexible and collaborative approach. Our people are our real driver –Parallaksis’ brain, soul and passion.

It’s their abilities, creativity and knowledge that make our platform evolve constantly, solve our clients’ issues and make the world a better place in a myriad of little ways every day.

What they say about us

  • Collaboration Desktop was essential to standardize processes across the Group’s 11 companies and helped us reduce costs and times.
    Felice Contiero, Corporate IT Director di Askoll Holding
  • With Parallaksis, we created nearly unique customizations on the Aerospace scenario, and we significantly reduced product development times.
    Placido De Alcubierre, Technical Director, Dema Spa
  • With Collaboration Desktop, both information management and access control have become simpler and safer.
    Luca Bello, Senior Designer, Fondital
  • Maserati builds on Parallaksis’ skills to develop successful applications within a tight project timing.
    Enrica Visconti, ICT Manager, Maserati
  • With Collaboration Desktop, univocal data management makes the user experience simpler and reduces complexity in corporate processes.
    Gennaro Esposito, PD&CM Manufacturing and Logistics Support, Selex ES


Scienze della vita: l’importanza dell’informazione

Scienze della vita: l’importanza dell’informazione

Le ultime settimane, con l’emergenza coronavirus in alcune regioni, hanno riportato drammaticamente in primo piano l’importanza di una gestione corretta e coerente delle informazioni in ambito medico, e delle scienze della vita in generale.

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Ottimizzare le risorse “facendo parlare” i sistemi

Ottimizzare le risorse “facendo parlare” i sistemi

Qualsiasi azienda che sia coinvolta a vario titolo nella progettazione, sviluppo prodotti e produzione ha bisogno di soluzioni automatizzate per gestire, utilizzare e riutilizzare i dati di progettazione CAD.

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Fabbrica 4.0? per abilitarla davvero, facciamo “parlare” le informazioni tra loro

Fabbrica 4.0? per abilitarla davvero, facciamo “parlare” le informazioni tra loro

Fabbrica 4.0. Ne sentiamo parlare sempre più spesso, ma di cosa si tratta esattamente? Se con la terza rivoluzione industriale avevamo assistito al prepotente ingresso della tecnologia e dei servizi in azienda, la quarta si spinge ancora più oltre: AI, automazione, Internet delle cose o big data adesso portano l’intelligenza direttamente “dentro” le macchine e i processi produttivi.

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Il framework 4.0 porta tante novità per i moduli nel 2020 di Parallaksis

Il framework 4.0 porta tante novità per i moduli nel 2020 di Parallaksis

Si preannuncia un 2020 ricco di novità per Parallaksis. Costruite a partire dalla versione 4.0 di Collaborative Desktop, il framework collaborativo di Information Lifecycle Management proprietario dell’azienda, le novità interessano diversi tra i moduli in cui viene declinata la piattaforma.

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