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From recipe to shelf: always the right product for evolving consumers

The Food & Beverage industry is ever-changing: evolving consumer trends, changes to regulations, process innovation or new products from competitors. Developing new products is a process that goes through an integrated management of sales and marketing requests, to best seize new opportunities and address them into standard valuation and assessment processes in a controlled manner. Mastering the innovation process –from product design to delivery on shelves– is a crucial requirement for all players in the industry. A PLM addressing its specific needs may represent a valid tool to optimize the process and maximize results.

F4F – Framework for Food is the winning tool allowing companies to address these challenges and changes in a rapid and effective way. It enables an efficient management of key factors such as defining and developing new products, from validation processes for sales initiatives, to packaging and labelling or traceability. Benefits you’ll obtain from F4F include a tight check on product data, collaborative development and reuse of information, besides reduced time-to-market and automated workflow processes in order to increase productivity.

Working made easier, exporting made easier

From compliance to standards on different reference markets to packaging, everything is in control with Collaboration Desktop. The system allows you to develop labels by integrating information from R&D, delegating to our system the math of nutritional values. Simple and immediate, Collaboration Desktop enables you to develop different recipe versions in parallel, without the burden of complicated and repetitive calculations. Moreover, the system supports you in accessing databases for various markets (European Union, USDA for the US, Canada, etc.).

With Collaboration Desktop, cooperation between organization and resources gives its best when it comes to supporting process validation related to project components, like packaging. Esthetic and functional evaluation, together with technical features to be adopted: every verification and appreciation step is accelerated. Sharing processes and feedback requests with the organizations involved make everybody’s job easier, besides enabling collaboration and appropriately tracing all the outsourced creative components.

The perfect recipe for your del Food & Beverage PLM.

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