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Is there a solution integrating all the main mechanic and electronic CAD tools –many more than any competitors, who usually start from their proprietary CAD? It’s BridgeClient, the Collaboration Desktop technology that integrates both electric and mechanic CAD tools. Its integration philosophy based on web services technology allows designers to be completely independent of technologies and to utilize an integrated environment, while extending existing processes from both systems. As a result, the environment supports development and your team can be more productive and generate value added for your company.

BridgeClient is independent of specific CADs and therefore it’s the ideal solution for those frequent cases when a company uses more than a tool. Thanks to its independence, our system doesn’t affect the designer’s modus operandi: an absolutely winning factor to reduce times and increase effectiveness. We have designed the data transfer in such a way that the user interface be exactly the same as the CAD the designer uses: a single icon is added, enabling them to execute the non-automated steps. The easiest use for a solution integrating document management and attribute management as well. Always with a secure access to CAD objects.

An independent bridge between CAD systems. for more ease of use and effectiveness.

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