Culture and technology join for success

A key factor for a software platform to become actually effective in the ecosystem it is intended for, is not to remain a technological tool only: it must be welcomed and absorbed into the corporate culture.

That’s why we at Parallaksis take care of the entire implementation process in your company, from process analysis and software configuration, to staff training. Your need may be to count on a turnkey solution or integrate existing in-house resources and skills: in any case, our Project Managers will support you in analyzing your company’s processes to develop shared operational flows.

We take care for our customer and partners of all the facets of training and we offer a variety of specialized consultancy services: from Configuration Management to systemic and Project Management activities, from support in deploying the system to the installations’ configuration and management.

We pay a lot of attention to a highly customized, constantly updated service to meet emerging needs on the market, which also translates into modules that respond to specialist requests. Through our Safety Supply Chain module, for example, you can manage labor safety regulations in compliance with both applicable laws and the ISO OHSAS18001 certification, while the Document Management module enables you to manage substitutive legal storage, digital signature, invoicing regulations with public organizations.

Over 70 percent of our customers choose a turnkey solution.

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