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Counting on a benchmark with your competition is an increasingly relevant factor in every industry. Each company deals with it in its specific way: in some sectors, it goes as far as to become a sort of ‘virtual’ reverse engineering, starting from data rather than from an object. A variety of goals and methods, requiring a high degree of customization.

Our Benchmarking Portal solution benefits from all the flexibility of the Collaboration Desktop Framework it’s built upon. A model born to overturn the traditional paradigm, which meant spending more in services and developments than in licenses. Thanks to our approach, you’ll be able to customize the solution based on your actual needs be it packaging, components or recipes, Benchmarking Portal allows you to archive, catalog, retrieve and compare thousands of contents ranging from images to texts to figures.

Collaboration Desktop allows you to analyze and compare your competition’s products by starting from requisites and effectively supporting marketing and R&D activities in validating and developing new projects. Being able to share and collaborate on information from the competition – new trends, new ingredients or components, new products recently marketed– enables you to react timely on a market where being fast and effective is a must to catch opportunities and obtain new market shares.

Whatever data you need to compare, our Benchmarking module does it. At best.

Want to know more? Download the PLM Benchmarking Portal Insight

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