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The Food & Beverage sector has become more and more internationalized over the last decades and international trade is booming. However, accessing new markets isn’t always easy. Every world region has its own regulations, implying enormous amounts of information to be managed. This is only one out of multiple challenges this ever-changing industry has to face. Today more than ever, there’s more to it than a recipe –the industry’s equivalent of a bill of materials: it’s about ingredients, calories or nutrition values. And packaging, which has to start being studied in the early stages of product development, both from a commercial and operational standpoint.

Our solutions specifically dedicated to Food & Beverage benefit in a special way from the new Collaboration Desktop release Version 4, which allows you to deal with these issues in a more determined way, in terms of ease of use, with an extremely ‘social’ user interface. It’s easy to learn for non-technical users too, while producing meaningful effects on performances, including response times in complex data query activities. And it’s ready for the challenges of certification and next-generation technologies, such as the blockchain.

The multiple and specific industry features are addressed with a ‘one-shop’ approach in Collaboration Desktop, from compliance with standards to NPD management (New Product Development) along the supply chain. Thanks to this innovative approach to product requirement integration and industry requirements, Collaboration Desktop easily manages organic products and high-quality productions too.

Cost forecasts, requirement management or validation process management for design activities aren’t a problem anymore with our module. Recipes, requirements, approval processes, packaging and nutritional values for raw materials classified by provider: anything will be in control.

From recipe to shelf, nothing is left to chance.







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