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When PLM goes beyond products

PLM Engineering Portal is the Parallaksis PLM solution ready to be introduced in your company. This module offers a comprehensive set of features that can be configured to adapt to your company’s needs and processes. One of the major base functions in the Engineering Portal module is the product configuration management, that keeps a detailed track of changes, variants and possible options. The environment is in line with the unique characteristics of our Framework: it’s oriented to configuration.

Fast implementation, readily available data and file migration tools from other systems: these are the key factors that enable a rapid deployment, which in turn rapidly enables collaboration across the company.

Managing work orders, tasks and groups has never been so easy

Working in compliance with CMII standards and identifying designers’ needs is now made easy. Change management functions allow you to manage variants, baseline and project progress. After designing a new process, users or groups are followed across the various activities by the Workflow Studio module, which ensures planned activities are assigned, controlled and validated.

PLM Engineering Portal also offers you a range of tools to manage documentation, integrated within the processes and the product data developed. The feature an administrator can configure rapidly include Office tools integration (template, automatic completion and control on reviews and versions) and searches through documents and drawings. In particular, proprietary plug-ins for mail clients allow you to archive e-mails from clients and providers within the system, while putting their information in relation with specific stages or documents in a project. A way to safely create a history of all data concerning a project or order: nothing will slip from your project anymore.

Configuring your PLM has never been so easy

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