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Founded in 2006, Parallaksis is a young and dynamic software development company that combines an international scope with the Italian passion for a well-done work. We translate them in designing and implementing Information Lifecycle Management solutions and services. Our mission? Making your life easier: the foundation of our software concept is a completely open solution, which reduces service and license costs, speeds up deployment times dramatically, and brings back under your management all that usually remains ‘un-managed’.

Our starting idea –making Visual Development Oriented solutions available to the markets– soon evolved into a collaborative platform able to cover the diverse Information Lifecycle Management domains: Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework. An approach that proved to be winning and has raised the interest of various System Integrators, who developed application modules for vertical solutions –immediately operational and cost-effective.

We combine platform development with cooperation with partners and customers in implementation projects. This allows us to maintain a constant relationship with end users, which drives us to constantly enhance our solution.

Parallaksis is registered in Italy as a Business Unit of i3 Ssrl, a consultancy firm that provides theories, methodologies and information technology tools for the Information Lifecycle Management.

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Why we’re successful

We build our solutions together with the best experts for every specialization. We invest in testing and field trials, until the result reaches a perfect balance among factors. And we do it very fast.


Our origins

Parallaksis’ soul is a team of professionals who have been PLM evangelists in Italy. Building on the expertise of a PLM consultancy firm, Symbolica Consulting, we decided in 2005 to develop a technology that could represent a paradigm shift compared to ‘canonical’ PLM –where a company used to spend more for services than licenses– and encourage an access to PLM technology to organizations of any size.

This is the idea that started Parallaksis –which, not coincidentally, means ‘a shift of direction’. To make our initiative even more synergic and effective, while leveraging on an economic and financial enhancement, in 2015 we merged the two organizations into the I3 Group, where Parallaksis is today the Business Unit devoted to developing collaborative Information Lifecycle Management solutions.


It is estimated that, in 2019, 50 percent of companies have invested in mobile and unified communication projects aimed at global information sharing and collaborative teamwork.


By adopting Collaboration Desktop, companies confirm they have significantly reduced, both in financial and timing terms, costs arising from information exchanges with suppliers.


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Parallaksis is a Business Unit of i3 Srl

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