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In the Automotive industry, the increasing implementation of platforms has led to a phase of widespread evolution, not only in technologies, but also in applications. Product lifecycle management solutions that are not PLM in a strict sense are now required since the early design stages. These solutions should be able to manage assessment issues, in competition products for instance, or testing. Today, it’s estimated that only 30 percent of Automotive users utilize lifecycle management systems in a traditional way, such as a PLM, while 70 percent opt for sets of essential yet heterogeneous information, what we at Parallaksis call the ‘un-managed’.

Portals built on our collaborative Framework are able to automate up to 80 percent of the information management contained in documents with different formats, like specifications and requirements (usually, Word, Excel, PDF or similar formats). Our system retrieves the document, extracts relevant information and distributes it to various environments, such as mechanic, electronic or software –thus enabling users to work as a team from the start, towards the same goals.

Integrated collaboration with customers and suppliers becomes easy, with apparent benefits for your business: Collaboration Desktop plans and controls new component designs, optimizes production processes and manages planning and inventory, with a dramatic increase in the reuse rate of the designed parts.

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