Each industry has its own specific elements !

Free Your company from any software limit and freely design
Your information and organization flow

With Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework You get a fully configurable environment and the possibility to share any information with anybody in Your team.

Getting an agile and intuitive platform to manage the product lifecycle , since the idea through the management of the customer ‘s feed-back, provide a major advantage.
Too often Your company is compelled to adapt to software platforms approaches valid for different industry sectors far away from Your organization and Your processes.
Furtherly within Your company the cohesistence of several not integrated software packages compells You to trace Your data in several data base.
Collaboraration Desktop ILM Framework provides You with an’ Information Lifecycle Management platform designed and developed for Your industry specific needs .
The collaboration with our technical partners involved in the last few years in implementing and configuring Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework is a key factor for the actual availability of several specific vertical apps.
In this way You will get a Ready-to.Use , Your industry sector oriented, app that will allow Your company to reduce the implementation effort with the related configuration cost and Your designers will concentrate only to the new product developement.


We like to be pragmatic !
If You wish to evaluate the solution for Your company, contact us !
We will meet You to properly understand Your needs.
Then will will set up a mock-up of Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework in order to address Your requirements.
Choose Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework.
Be free to manage the information lifecycle of Your product.


di Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework per il tuo settore

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Reduce the time-to.market at least 45%
Reduce materials and components between 15 and 40%
Are You able to fulfill Your task precisely at least at 95%

  • Configuration Management as per standard
  • Certficationprocesse EASA DOA/POA
  • Managequalityrequisites and processes
  • CAMO processesportal
  • Availability of many integrations with main company tools
  • Easily manage the data exchange as per standard PLCS ISO130330:239

  • Data deep analysis
  • Design costs integration with Engineering to Order deal evolution analisys
  • Accessing product data any time

  • Integrated and simple co-design collaboration with customers and suppliers.
  • Strong increase of already designed parts reuse
  • Planning and control of the design of new parts
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Planning and inventory

  • Alignment with standard
  • Production Chain NPD
  • Tracking of products and materials
  • Innovative approach in the integration of product requisites and industry rules
  • Manages biological products and quality
  • Cost forecasting
  • Requisites management
  • Design process validation
  • Recipes, requisites, approval processes, packaging : everything under control !
  • Raw material nutritional values classification

  • Product to Market.
  • alignment with standards . cost forecasting
  • Drivenproposal :wizard, design deviation
  • Bid support
  • KPI and integrated data analisys
  • Unified design governance

Need for the lifescience companies to show full respects of standards, compliance and certification.
Link R&D activities with design and industrialization ones, through collaboration tools and design data control ; short time to market.
Compliance management and Configuration Management an product innovation.