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Since 2006 we design Information Lifecycle Management ( ILM ) solutions on top of our Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework. Its VDO ( Visual Development Oriented ) Graphical User Interface properly address any information management need, quickly and with limited cost of licences and related implementation cost.

The strong success of the Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework has kept the interest of several System integrators ; they have developed easy-to-start vertical applications , available to day at competitive price.

Today Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework is used, on a daily base, by several tens of thousands users in the Aerospace&Defence, Automotive,Transportation, Foods&Beverage , etc. industry sectors.



In 2013 50% of the companies has budgeted mobile and unified communication projects in order to share globally the information and help the people collaboration



The insertion of Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework has significantly reduced, also in term of time, the cost related to the data communication with the suppliers.


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