Task & Project Portal, Now Project Management is collaborative

With a simple click You involve customers and suppliers in You project , without loosing Your company know-how control

T&P Portal is the collaborative solution able to integrate project and design data for Engineering to Order firms.

Need of a flexible tool able to provide different views and data management approaches  in order to adapt to various methodologies.

Project management in T&P easily connects Project Management principles with collaboration and process management  functionalities allowing an intuitive access to all involved people.

The functional approach semplifies the graphical user interface allowing interesting features like idea management, problem report, risk management, project planning .

Project Management application tools actually available belong to two different categories : complex and expensive applications and fast-to-use  ones with limited and rigid functionalities. Task&Project Portal, developed on top of Collaboration Desktop ILM Framework is a solution aimed to unify the two indicated categories providing a toolthat can be complex, if necessary, but allowing a simple initial use both in term of functionality and operability. Task&Project Portal can be the collector of activities and infos able to manage and protect the company know how.


The insertion of a system oriented to project and ETO management and control brings  several benefits to the organization and the operation : the main one is the ROI in few months.

A system able to set boundaries but allowing adequate operational freedom to all members of a project ; the adoption of Task&Project Portal provides new ways to manage the project with following benefits :

  • Shared, always updated Gantt ( actual data, document and deliverables release )
  • Tasksdirectlyrelated to objectives, definedcost and time
  • Possibility to plan and control everyproject
  • Guarantee the total visual control of the deal milestones allowing proper management of every single piece of information involved
  • Higherlevel of project success
  • Projectsaligned with the growth of the organization
  • Proper evaluation of risks connected with project
  • Optimizedresourcesallocation
  • Team commitment


Nothing is left out ! Task&Project Portal archives in a structured way all project involved documents.